The Perks You’ll Love With Your VA

outsourcing marketing and administrationAs an Australian based Virtual Assistant (commonly known as a VA), I can be your best investment to assist your business to grow, save you money and give you back some focus on your core business whilst knowing that your marketing or other tasks are being attended to; real perks that you will absolutely LOVE.

Although you can assign and choose tasks for a VA just the same as a personal assistant in your office, the working relationship is different. There is a lot of trust and the confidence to let go (as opposed to micro-managing) to ensure the relationship is a positive one for your business. Here are my reasons why you are going to LOVE working with your VA:

  1. You won’t have to pay for my annual or sick leave, no payroll tax, no long-service leave, no Superannuation, no WorkCover and that just adds up to a whole lot of savings for you.
  2. No office politics or gossip around the coffee machine, wasting time and costing you lost productivity.
  3. You won’t have to buy any extra equipment thus keeping your overheads lower.  I supply my own laptop, office furniture, stationery, printer, parking etc.
  4. You will be able to leverage your time and get items off your “to do” list so you can allocate more time to bring in more clients, spend more time with your family or actually take that holiday.
  5. No expensive employee training required as there will always be a VA with the skills that you are seeking.
  6. Being based on Sunshine Coast, I am not far away to stop by your office and collect documents or attend face-to-face meetings.
  7. If you are seeking further services, I am a fast learner to upskill for a specific task or procedure.
  8. No need to constantly motivate your VA – I am a small business owner just like you.
  9. My business is totally here to assist and support you to reach YOUR goals.
  10. Best of all, you can have the advantage of knowing that Half Day PA has been established since 2010 and has a trusted reputation with a service guarantee.

Same day response times – Cost effective service – Quality output – Confidentiality guaranteed – No contracts – Package deals to please your budget

So what’s there not to LOVE about hiring a Virtual Assistant on Sunshine Coast? What’s your experience been? Are we overdue for a chat?