Using A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

When you run a real estate business, you need to wear many hats. But are all those hats absolutely necessary? Are you stretching yourself too thin? Unless you want to be a controller and manage every aspect of your business yourself, there is a plethora of tasks that you could successfully delegate to a Virtual Assistant (VA) and enable you to remain at the forefront of customer service. Whilst you are out with clients, the wheels of process are working behind the scenes and keeping you one step in front.real estate VA

Most successful agents will have a personal assistant and/or a virtual assistant to manage the tasks that don’t require direct customer contact or directly connected to the sale itself i.e. the real estate agent still negotiates the sale and builds the rapport with the client but he is presented in a very professional manner.

What could you delegate to enable your business to be more focused? Here’s my list of 33 different tasks (but not the limit):

→1 Prepare presentation materials for you. You could create a presentation PowerPoint about what people need to know before buying or selling a house. Alternatively, this could be an E-Book. This could be emailed to the prospective vendor/buyer prior to meeting them.
→2 Run offline and online ads for you. You don’t have the time to see which online and offline publications from your area allow small businesses and individual contractors to run ads for free, but your VA can do that for you. And why stop there? Your VA can help design the brochures and manage their publication.
→3 Email your old clients to ask them for a referral. Your VA could access your database files and identify a list of your old clients to contact for getting new referrals. You’ll just have to approve the email template that your VA will use.
→4 Manage your social media presence. Your VA can post interesting articles on your Twitter account, links to the news about property management on your Facebook page and generally curate great content that will attract people who want to sell or buy a new property. Putting you in the specialist seat and connecting with prospective clients.
→5 Set up the appointment with the seller of the house. Your VA can handle the back and forth emailing for finding the best time for an appointment with the homeowners.
→6 Research a property’s ownership and title type. Your VA can start researching the property and its owners, checking the legal names of the owners, the public record information about the land and many other things.
→7 Research the comparable listed properties within the area. Your VA can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for prospective clients and present them in a professionally bound booklet.
→8 Marketing plan draft for selling the property. Your VA can draft a marketing plan that can be adjusted to the specific needs of each home owner for selling their property.
→9 Order the property sign and installation. Your VA can find the best supplier for the property sign and handle its delivery to the property.
→10 Find a home stager. Your real estate VA can help you find a specialist in home staging from your area and set up an appointment for you and the homeowners.
→11 Complete the new listing checklist. Your remote worker can review the materials you collected and see if you’ll need something more for the listings of this new property.
→12 Enter data in your CRM database. Your real estate VA can take care of uploading the data you collected in your CRM database after Open House.
→13 Proofread. Once again your VA can save you time by proofreading the listing for accuracy and checking that the data was imported correctly across listing platforms.
→14 Edit the images for the property listing. Your VA can crop the images you want to use for the listing and make light adjustments.
→15 Find a property photographer. Your VA can find the best photographers in the area to ensure the property is marketed professionally.
→16 Create a property brochure. Your real estate VA can collect and edit the necessary data for creating a property brochure and handle its design, printing and delivery.
→17 Update listing changes. Your VA can handle the necessary updates for each of the websites, networks and platforms where the listing was promoted. The most often needed change is the one related to the price of the property.
→18 Just Listed notice. Your VA can handle the creation of the Just Listed notice that you’ll have to mail to the residential neighbours.
→19 Coordinate Open House calendar. Your VA can manage your personal calendar and the showings calendar as well, finding the best time for meeting with potential buyers that would like to see the house.
→20 Manage contact list. Your VA can constantly update your contact list and set up mailing campaigns for you to promote properties.Picture3
→21 Handle feedback forms. Also a VA can create and customize feedback forms for you to use during Open House.
→22 Add the listing to your Facebook page. Your real estate VA can also publish the listing on your social media channels to reach even more people.
→23 Provide listing data via email. Your VA can filter out the potential buyers from the curious time-wasting seekers by handling email requests for more data
→24 Send follow up emails. Your real estate VA can also email or phone the prospective buyers from Open House for follow up after a showing, so you wouldn’t waste your time on that.
→25 Open house event promotion. Your real estate VA can create and promote an event dedicated to open house hours.
→26 Newsletters. Your VA can also handle email marketing for you. Just select your favourite email marketing platform and work out a marketing plan.
→27 Create relevant content. Your VA can transform your market data into content for your social media channels, blog or website. This really increases traffic on your social media when there is a high local, relevant content.
→28 Research real estate marketing trends. Wouldn’t it be great to receive quarterly real estate market research reports? An informed buyer is an educated buyer that knows the market.
→29 Create free reports. Your remote assistant can even create free reports that both home buyers and sellers could download from your website or blog. It’s a great way to build your email marketing database. The free reports can focus on tips to find the best agent for a property, to sell or buy a home, to stage a house in a way that it will make it sell faster, etc.
→30 Travel booking. Your VA may gladly help you plan your travel/holidays by booking hotels and flights for you.Picture1
→31 Recruiting new members for your team. When your business will expand enough, your VA can help you find new members for your team, advertising the positions, reviewing the received resumes and even assisting in interviewing your selected candidate.
→32 Arrange thank you gifts for buyers/sellers. You can ask your VA to find a few great suppliers of thank you gifts that will leave a lasting impression after the sale is settled. It may even require your company logo or contact details to personalise the gift.
→33 Order Body Corp Disclosure Statements and Title Searches. You can ask your VA to prepare all the necessary documentation in readiness for a Contract. They may even have a blank Contract available for out-of-hours negotiations. This can really save you time.

Next time you are working back in the office late at night trying madly to fulfil the clients promises, ask yourself if your time could be better utilised doing something else and delegating those tasks? You may be surprised what is possible – ask me.