What are they saying about you online?

Psst ….. want to know what others are saying about you or your business?  The easy way to stay informed (and it doesn’t involve any gathering around the coffee machine either) but setting up auto-alerts that make a brilliant way to do all kinds of market research. I’ll tell you a little secret how to get yourself set up and you’ll never miss out on the word around town again.

It is called Google Alerts – simply log into your Google or Gmail account and tell Google Alerts what keywords you are interested to know about. For example, I have them set up for Half Day PA and also my name together with a few other words. Each morning I receive an email from Google advising me what was said.Google Alerts for your business

What words would you want as an alert? The first keywords that you might want to enter are your business or company name, your trademark or your industry. But you can go one further and set up alerts for your opposition. There is no harm in that, it is simply market research and keeping abreast with your competitor. You can bet they will be wanting to do the same for you! When your competitor sends out press releases or announcements, you will be emailed without them being aware.

Google Alerts is a powerful way to keep track of what is happening online in certain industries or product areas. Sometimes it can be a little late if there is a special offer or it has already hit the major broadcasters but it is better to know about it than not know.  You may also find some fresh ideas or trends in their infancy and able to jump on board as the marketing wave starts to gain momentum.

So how do you get started? The easiest set up you will ever do for your business. Go to https://support.google.com/alerts/answer/4815696?hl=en
Follow the instructions – create an alert – visit Google Alerts (as above) and in the ‘create an alert about’ box, enter the words you want to be notified about. Click ‘show options’ to say how often you get these alerts, what types of results you want to get and more. Then click ‘create alert’.