What Were They Thinking?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself “what were they thinking?” when we are on the receiving end of an experience with a stressed out business owner. You all know them…… The Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None. Perhaps suffering from a little bit of ignorance or simply not thinking clearly at all. They have been seen to running around the office with a hundred problems to tackle at once, conquering the odd one and creating a few more along the way. That condition has often also been related to the “control freak” that just can’t get anybody to stay with them and work with their regime of being The Boss. That surely can only lead to not thinking clearly about the business.Not thinking at all

Many years ago, when I had another business with 8 staff to employ, I learn’t very quickly about the need to simply let go and entrust others to do the work that I was stretching myself thin to try to achieve. Basically, learning to delegate and expecting a result that was close enough to my work. That’s right. I didn’t expect perfection, I was happy enough to accept their interpretation of the job description. I was confident that my staff could do that, I empowered them with some training and allowed them the freedom to put their personality into the task. And I acknowledge that.

Reminiscent of the old-school of management style. Sometimes necessary when first starting out in the start-up phase due to budget restrictions, but don’t let it become a habit for too long. You’ll be stuck in a rut and burn out.

What is the modern business owner doing today? They delegate tasks that are not their core skill set or don’t directly lead to income producing task. If your skill is legal services, then why would you want to be typing up transcripts? Why would the plumber want to do his own invoices? Why doesn’t the bookkeeper do his/her own plumbing then? Of course not! Firstly, that would just take twice (or three) times as long, would probably be sub-standard and most importantly, would be robbing you of valuable time that could be leading to creating income producing work. Ask yourself this “how much is my time worth?”. If you are worth more than the other services charge, then that is the value. In most cases, there is more value in delegating or outsourcing to a contractor and staying focused on our core skills.

Marianne Williamson quote sums up a lot: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Outsourcing is an absolute must for a business to grow. No doubt you would do things differently from those to who you outsource but, honestly, would you always do it better? Perhaps not if it isn’t your core skill. Can you do it in the same time as well? Most small business owners’ time is best spent either doing what they love and are good at, or forging new business opportunities. Nobody can speak as passionately about your business as you can nor do they understand it as well as you. Looking for new leads and converting these into new clients is time well spent and is regarded as an investment in the relationship that is yet to grow. The relationship between YOU and the client – making the verbal connection with your database something they maybe should not be outsourced. But there is a lot of other touch points with your database that is ideal for delegating or outsourcing. That’s when you get back into focus and your begin to truly grow.