What’s Going Wrong?

I’m sure you have heard these reasons why people don’t use your agency?

  1. You haven’t got many properties like mine for saleshutterstock_105509726
  2. I don’t see you on every website
  3. You haven’t got this type of property
  4. You’re too inexperienced to sell a $2m house
  5. I never see you in the newspaper
  6. You aren’t part of an extensive network
  7. You don’t have a visible office

When you hear these words too many times, you might begin to believe them. But things are changing.

The world of estate agency is changing but some people don’t realise and others are looking in the wrong direction. Main street visible office vs Virtual is not where the battle ground is in a real estate agency.  Whether you are a newbie ‘wet behind the ear’ agent or an award winning agent, whether you are an online agent, or main street agent, the battle for real estate agency is being fought elsewhere. In the hearts and minds of the all the homeowners and landlords, all they care about is themselves, their property and if they need to get a property sold or let, one who will do it efficiently, get a decent sale price  and at a fee that is worth paying. Primarily, we are a selfish lot and yes, it is all about me (at times).

People do business with people they like because remember, real estate is a people business, not a property business. So it’s important to connect to the people.

So therefore, stop focusing on yourself, stop focusing on your firm, stop focusing what you can or can’t offer, stop focusing on what you do or don’t have on the market (or have sold) since nobody cares about that. All you have to do is talk about matters that your local homeowners and local landlords are interested in, obsessed about, and passionate about. Putting the focus back on their needs and wants and yours will eventually be met.

Instead of beating yourself up on who was right or wrong, instead of destroying yourself of waiting for homeowners and vendors to choose you, may I suggest you choose yourself, and keep making “art” until vendors and landlords can’t ignore you any longer. That’s right. You also need to be proactive and make a noise out there.

Now I can see your eyes roll up at this point but stay with me because I am not talking about anything outrageous, nothing too fluffy, but you can be a successful estate agency by creating something that is appreciated for its emotional power and that people connect with.local area

Where do you start ….. just talk about something you know local homeowners and local landlords are interested in .

Australians are obsessed about the property market , you know, they always ask ‘How much is my house worth’. Just talk about your local property market because someone Sydney doesn’t give two hoots about our Sunshine Coast etc. Again, we are really quite self-centred and only want to know about ourselves and our area.

Just talk about house prices, rents, yields, capital growth, what will happen to house prices, what will happen to rents, what will happen to yields, local developments, property trends and positive stories about your local area and then just deliver them to the homeowners and landlords of your area.

How do you do that? Direct marketing or email marketing to your target area. Not coming from some marketing guru in another state. Keeping it local and keeping it relevant to what your database wants to know about. Who cares about auction clearance rates in Sydney if you want to buy on the Sunshine Coast? Truly!

That is why I am so passionate about local marketing. The results are there.

In summary, all you need to remember is:

  • Keep your marketing local
  • Be relevant
  • Short and sweet
  • Remain customer focused

Next time you want to reconnect with the people, connect with a local and give them want they really want. (see the article here)